Wednesday, 14 November 2012

And now I'm on a daily schedule.

Yeah, I'm posting daily now. Not going to last, but I'm gonna try it anyway.

Right now I'm sitting in a computer lab at my school.
The computers are arranged in the shape of a squared A, computers in rows along the middle with a couple lines down the side.
I'm sitting alone with the nearest person being two computers down.
Granted, that isn't far, but its far enough away to stop us from having any sort of a conversation.

Saying that, I feel quite lonely nowadays, my only meaningful interaction happening at lunch, when I go to my little group of friends, and we chat for about half an hour.
Aside from that, I spend the rest of my time at school alone, maybe talking to a couple of people in D-tech.

I don't mind it though, as I always spend time alone.
All of it making me very adept at entertaining myself.

But never mind it.
I'll be fine.

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